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Make of Your Life a book worth reading

Since childhood, the stories of the adventurers, in their beauty, have excited me. Explorers, navigators and warriors, unapproachable figures that made me dream and travel through black ink on a page.


October 2018

South America?

SUP – ?

This year i go to the cool! I had enough of enchanted beaches, deserted islands and crystal clear waters, this year we change the setting, we change the continent, we change wild animals, we change difficulties, but we remain loyal to the SUP, although probably it won’t be Jethro II to float with me. Features:



Coming soon!COMING SOON!

Working on the last details. Soon the project will be online.



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When you spend hours paddling against the wind, or a storm surprises you in the middle of a crossing in the open sea, you do not have anyone to help you.  But when you finally find a safe haven and maybe you connect to the internet and find messages from people who are following you, I assure you that it is the best of the aid you can receive, the affection and the encouragement, are the gas that helps you to go on even when you think you can not do it anymore …

Vi sono due razze di stupidi: quelli che credono a tutto e quelli che non credono a niente.
Purtroppo io appartengo a entrambe.

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